November 2017

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Become An Expert In Rolling Smoke Joints!

Usual smokers would know that rolling a perfect joint is indeed an art and require a lot of finesse.
May seem like a general thing, but if the blunt is not rolled appropriately, it can drastically affect the smoking experience regarding airflow, the time taken by it to burn off, the stiffness of the roll to hold it firmly by the fingers and the right level of tobacco’s essence in every puff. Some accessories have now come on the market to help you roll a perfect joint as well as enhance the smoking experience. One such instrument is blunt filter tips.

What you need to make a joint? Here is the list of things you would require:
1. Rolling paper or blunt: According to, the rolling paper comes in three types which have their unique characteristics and adds a flavor to the herb. These include wood pulp, rice and helm. Helm is ideal for amateur smokers, and rice would be a choice for those looking for slow-burning, easy and tasteless paper to roll the herb. Blunt is basically tobacco leaves which are also used for rolling joints and have strong tobacco flavor which adds flavor to the joint.
2. Selection of quality herb and proper grinding: One should always buy nicely cured cannabis because herb cured for an extended period will take longer to burn off. The grass should be grinded appropriately to give it the proper texture which enables airflow and burns evenly from all sides as a whole enhancing the smoking experience.
3. Use of extra sheet: Using an additional layer of rolling paper, although may affect the flavor of the joint, but ensures the content is packed nicely, avoiding any spilling of herb while smoking and also provides an extra layer to protect your hand from burning.
4. Use of cardboard or glass tip for filtration: These filters regulate the flow of smoke and avoid you from inhaling the herb directly. Other benefits of using a tip or roach, preferably a glass filter tip is it protects your lips and hands from burning. Due to its heat resistant nature, it cools down the smoke suitably by the time it reaches your mouth and avoids the herb smell, and tart residue to get onto your hands.
5. Proper placement of herb on the rolling paper: Putting the whole herb in the center would result in uneven rolling. Sufficient quantity should be placed near the filter to avoid the joint from breaking at the time of smoking. There is a technique to roll the content up and down till it takes a flat shape.
6. Roll it tightly: Airflow is the key factor which decides the burning speed of a joint. By rolling the paper tightly, you would be able to maintain the desired airflow.

There are different types of joints based on their rolling technique.
• Pinner which is a fragile joint because the paper use is shorter width wise.
• Inside-out where the paper and the herb content both are very limited, hence it is a healthier option.
• Cross which is a three-headed joint, is tough to roll but quite fun when enjoying the smoke with friends.
• Dutch tulip: These joints give a massive high and look like a tulip as it burns. Etc.