3 Tips To Adding Body And Volume To Your Hair


Hair is a crowning glory for men and women alike. A full head of hair can make a complete difference to the entire look. To this end, we love to take care of our hair. Using the best shampoos and conditioners that suit the hair has become a personal goal for most of us. Sample Hime is a great place to look for products that suit every type of hair. Sadly, some people are saddled with either fine, thin hair or constant hair loss. The reasons for hair loss can be many as per www.webmd.com.

From medication to heredity to chemotherapy, hair loss can be caused by many things. With people who naturally have thin-textured hair, the loss can be aggravated by the use of chemicals and heat appliances. Breakage increases when we fail to protect the hair. We give your three fantastical ways to protect your hair from thinning and give the illusion of volume.

• An excellent way to add dimension to hair is to use volumizing products. Salons and parlours offer many such products. A mousse, for example, is an excellent way to add the illusion of quantity. It is light by weight and is applied to the root of the hair. A simple blow dry with gentle tension on the root can truly give an abundant look. We recommend avoiding products that have the ingredient paraffin. Beeswax, i.e. paraffin tends to build up in the head. This leads to hair breakage which means more loss of hair. Since most volumizing products have paraffin, read the ingredients before buying one.

• Coloring hair is another great way to give the illusion of volume to hair. The blend of colours breaks the view of the eye making it look as if there is more hair on the head. For people who have inherited hair loss, coloring is the best option. A semi-permanent hair color is most recommended because these products are free of peroxide and ammonia. Both these chemicals cause damage to hair. Always use a professional to apply permanent and semi-permanent color to the hair because there is an inherent risk of over processing. This can cause further damage to thin hair.

• Some experts say to shampoo daily is bad. Some people say not shampooing every day is the reason for bad hair. The answer is not that simple. One should wash and condition the hair as and when it gets dirty. For people who have thin hair, this means more frequent washes because fine-textured hair gets dirty faster. Leaving dirty hair unwashed is one of the reasons for breakage and hair loss. Though washing frequently may cause loss of hair, it is still better than leaving them unclean. Use a shampoo that is meant for fragile hair. Then condition it with a product that adds body and volume to it.

These straightforward and easy three tips can add the body you’ve always dreamt. Follow them religiously, and the results will be seen faster than you believed. Own the skin; you are given, live free!

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