Six Questions To Ask A Web Hosting Provider

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When it comes to choosing the best web hosting for WordPress, there are some host providers like BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, etc. If you are confused regarding how to start a blog easily, a quick search in the internet is sure to help you. As a post on states, all the big name hosting companies have an easy to use blogging platform. The topic today is not to decide the right web hosting provider, it is about what to consider while choosing between the myriad of options. When thinking of shopping for a web host, the first thing to do is to decide what one is looking for in the hosting company. Since the majority of the company’s offer and state the same services like unlimited bandwidth, email support and disk space, look for the things that set them apart. Does the web host provide give a 24X7 support, what is the uptime of the company and is it a site or a store builder?

The gist is to do a complete and thorough research before picking the web host provider. To make the decision easier given below are few questions that can help make things easier. The questions are not technical, because not every blogger has the know-how to understand them. Plus it also ensures that the answers do not stump and leave the blogger grasping for the log to float on. The simple questions are meant to give a basic understanding of the services a hosting provider offers and how comfortable the blogger is with them.
A pivotal point here is to remember to ask the same questions to some providers and compare the answer to get the best fit. Here are the questions:
A blog already exists, and the aim is to migrate the site to you (add the name of the web hosting company). Is that possible and how?
What are the steps that will be taken to ensure the website or the blog is perfectly secure? Is there an active scan for malware?
Are hacking attempts blocked? Does the provider check if the blog is hacked or is it the onus of the blogger? If the site or blog does get hacked, are there restore points to revert an older version? The answer to this question will give a clear picture of the backup plans the provider follows.
Can one track if the site speed is low? Is there a way to solve it?
When are the updates run? Is it regular or random? Remember here also to ask which version of WordPress they run on.
Customer support is another important area to question. Ask the number of people who provide the support and if they are available even at 3 in the night.

After getting the answers to these questions from all the providers that were shortlisted compare the companies. Look for the one that gave the clearest picture and the best support. If the choice is still not easy to make, factor in these features while making the decision:
Price: Both affordability and reliability need to be balanced. Don’t pick a provider because they are the cheapest.
Speciality: Think what the site needs. Will it be an online store or a simple blog? Then pick the provider that best suits the blog.
Reputation: Customer reviews are the best way to find the actual worth of any company. The same applies to web hosting companies.

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