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Small floor jacks for cars

A floor jack is one of the most important tools you should have in your cars tool box. It can help you easily lift your car off the ground making it easy to change your car tires incase you experience a flat tire. Small floor jacks came in handy for those that do not have a big budget. A small floor jack will serve the purpose too. Choosing a floor jack is not an easy task. There are many types of floor car jacks and a variety of brands too. Sometimes one may require professional help if you are a first time buyer that you may know which brand and quality is suitable for your type of car. Here are some of the best floor jacks for your car to help make you the best buy when shopping for a floor jack.
Pro-Lift F-767
It is one of the small floor jacks for cars. https://www.toptenthebest.com › automotive .It has a 2 tone lifting capacity. It is made of steel and suitable for small and medium sized cars and trucks. This floor jack is easy to store. It has a lifting range of 31/2 inches to 14 inches which has a lower lowlife design. It also has patented bypass device to protect it against over pumping. Its built in safety valves protects it from overloading. It is made of steel therefore very durable.
Pittsburgh Automotive heavy duty 3-ton floor jack
It has a low profile to enable for easy placement in under custom vehicles and has extra wide casters to ensure its stable. It also has a rapid pump and its dual parallel pump lifts with very few pumps. This three tone jack is able to lift cars two feet off the ground. It has a dual piston rapid pump technology that enables it lift in just 3-1/2 pumps. It also has universal joint release mechanism to enable it give precise motion control. This floor jack is good for sports cars. It is also made of steel to ensure that it lasts for long.
NOS NSJ0201 2- Ton Aluminum serve jack
This floor jack has a lifting capacity of 2 tons. It is made of light weight aluminum which is also very thick to make it last for long. It is also fitted with safety valves to prevent overloading. it has two handles with bumper pads on. It is also fitted with a dual pump to enable it to pump rapidly. It also has side handles to make it easy to carry.
Arcan XL2t 2 Ton low profile high lift floor jack
This floor jack as a height range of 2.5-24 inches. It is fitted with dual pumps to enable it lift rapidly. It has universal joint release mechanism to help it give precise control. This jack has a sleek design, has a low profile and it s made of steel to make it last for long. Its low design is to help its users get get under vehicles. When compared to other floor jacks, its price is very affordable. It is also made to meet all the ASME pald 2009 standards.